I recently got quite a few emails on how to play in time and to increase speed, both with hands and feet.

Let me first start off by saying that playing in time and to a click is something I do every day! I have an Alesis SR-16 both at the studio and at home and I use it every day religiously, I usually start the warmup routine of my day simply by playing single strokes for about 15 minutes, increasing the BPM's by 10. It's important that you walk first before you run, so if you are uncomfortable at 200 BPM's lets say, don't start there! Start at a comfortable tempo and increase your speed when you feel comforatble and are ready. I do the same routine with both my hands and feet.

Ergonomics is key to playing fast, you have to be comfortable and relaxed, if you tense up your arms or legs will tire and you will lose control not only of the tempo but your consistency. It's important that you are relaxed, so find a good stool and make sure you are sitting in a position that won't tire you out after 20 minutes. It's important to be in shape and understand the task at hand.
Push the limits of your exercises, dont get into the same routine everyday push yourself to achieve your goals!