2017 Top Email Security Threats

Mailbox Watchdog utilizes bleeding edge technology to secure your mailbox. Using a machine learning approach, Mailbox Watchdog is able to detect threats that affected the world in 2017.

Analyze your mailbox now to see if you are affected.

  • Ransomwear

    Attacker delivers a ploy to his target, providing a web link that takes the viewer to a ransomwear download. Once installed, it locks the computer until the ransom is paid.

  • Social Engineering

    A computer criminal pretends to be a trusted individual (IT support, human resources, outside contractor) and engages in a conversation to gain access to a computer network.

  • Spear Phishing

    What distinguishes spear phishing emails from ordinary phishing emails is the sophisticated tailoring of spear phishing emails to the intended victims which makes them more likely to trust the email.

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